What Do You Learn in a Makeup School?

If you’re considering a career as a professional makeup artist, then you’re about to enter a wonderful and exciting field. If you have the passion for beauty and makeup you could excel here. So if you are wondering if you should get a formal education, then you may be asking yourself these questions: Do I have to enroll in a makeup school? What will I learn there? Is it worth the time and effort?

I will address those concerns but first, let’s talk about professional makeup schools and the different curriculums that are being offered.

Every Makeup School is Different

Check with your respective state for the requirements in order to professionally practice makeup artistry. Some states require you to enroll in a state-recognized training program. After graduating you will have to take a skills exam. It will also be administered by the state. If you pass, you can get your license. 

Since each state has a different requirement, each makeup school curriculum is also different. It becomes increasingly challenging then to choose the right makeup school. Find out which one will offer the most comprehensive lessons and give the best value for your money.

What You’ll Learn in Makeup Schools

Depending on which makeup school you choose, you will study a comprehensive course that covers everything or a short-term course that will specialize only on a specific sub-topic, such as film and TV makeup. For a makeup artist school that offers a full-time makeup training program, you should learn most, if not all, of the following:

  • How to build your own professional makeup kit and why having the right tools and products is as equally important as your makeup skills and techniques
  • Understanding color theory and why it is an essential foundation in everything that the makeup artist does
  • How to properly waterproof makeup to make it long-lasting but without affecting breathability on the skin
  • Different facial shapes and characteristics and how to apply the correct makeup
  • Understanding shades and undertones and learn how to apply proper makeup for each type
  • How to mix and apply the right foundations for different skin types, tones, and colors
  • Different looks that go well with any types of eyes, eyelashes, and eyebrows
  • Dealing with circles underneath the eyes
  • Proper facial contouring using highlights and shadows
  • How to shape eyebrows and apply false eyelashes properly
  • Accentuating the lips and using the natural curvature of the face to create a stunning look
  • How to apply airbrush makeup techniques
  • Be able to manage all types of skin imperfections, including patchy skin, blotchy skin, or skin with acne, dark spots, and broken capillaries
  • How to do different makeup types for different occasions, including bridal makeup, fashion shoots, etc.
  • Proper skin care routine and how to maintain healthy skin after makeup removal
  • Proper ways to sanitize your brushes and makeup kits
  • And many more!

Bonus Lessons from Topnotch Makeup Schools

The finest professional makeup schools in the country do not just offer theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills and techniques they will also teach you essential business skills. This is very important because it shapes you into a knowledgeable person once you graduate from the course. There’s no need to “grope in the dark” as you try to set up your own business or start offering your freelance services.

You should be able to learn the following things as an essential bonus:

  • Important requirements when setting up your own business
  • How to conduct a proper consultation with your potential clients and agencies
  • How to properly communicate with your clients in order to fully bring their visions to life
  • Effective ways to advertise your services online and in person
  • Setting up the right price to avoid overcharging or undercharging your clients
  • How to expand your network and use your contacts to attract more clients
  • How to make an attractive website
  • Creating an appealing portfolio for both print and online
  • How to reach out and build lasting relationships with other professionals, such as photographers, agents, or production executives
  • How to collaborate with photographers and creative directors in order to find the right look for any shoot or event.

Make the Right Choice

I would highly recommend that you attend a school that offers a comprehensive take on makeup artistry and teaches you the business side of the matter. At the JTorry Makeup Academy, I am pleased to say that I also teach business foundation besides all the skills and techniques of professional makeup artistry. It’s important to me that my students can learn how to start their business so that they can be fully equipped if they choose to launch their own business or go freelance. I have been in this business for over 13 years and everything I have learned including skills, techniques, and wide knowledge on business management, I have poured into this one course.

Why Enroll? Is it Worth It?

If it’s not required to enroll in a makeup academy, why would anyone go to school? Well, a makeup artist school is a great place to enhance your skills and practice with proper guidance from experienced professionals. For most people, it is a lot easier to be taught new skills and techniques in a makeup school rather than discovering them by yourself. And since you need all the experience you can get when you start, then a makeup school can bring a big advantage for you. You will need an extensive network in the beauty community to thrive in this industry. Where else can you do that better than in a makeup school.

Think of it as a high-value investment. You may not realize the benefits now but you will see it when you start your professional practice. Making it big in this industry will depend on your foundation. If you have the right, strong foundations you can deal with any challenge. If not, then you become limited. When you are limited you will lose client trust and confidence.

Study through An Online Makeup Course

If you find it difficult trying to squeeze extra time for a makeup class, you may want to try courses from an online makeup school. The JTorry Makeup Academy offers an online makeup school with a self-paced course so you can study whenever you want and wherever you are. It’s the perfect option for full-time employees, full-time students, or other busy people who want to get a headstart in their desire to become a makeup artist.

Our online makeup school course at the JTorry Makeup Academy is designed similarly to our in-person classes. You will learn the same skills and techniques. You will also get the same guidance from beauty instructors who have deep experience and mastery in the art of beauty and makeup.


There will also be hands-on exams and practical tests. You can rest assured that your skills and techniques will be properly enhanced. Finally, I also teach the foundations of setting up your own business in this course. It’s a complete package that has everything you need in order to succeed. You can graduate with confidence knowing that you are fully equipped with all the knowledge, skills, and tools to carry out your services as efficiently as possible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about this life-changing opportunity.


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