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Jenny Torry

My name is Jenny Torry, and I have been a luxury bridal makeup and hair artist for 18 years. Many in the beauty industry call me a “visionary artist.” Throughout my career, I have helped makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts transform their passion into successful, thriving businesses in the luxury bridal market.


So… why do I do what I do?


Because I’ve walked in your shoes. I understand how overwhelming it can be to master the many makeup techniques, not knowing where to start, and feeling lost and overwhelmed in a competitive market. All while struggling to find consistent work and build your unique brand.


I found myself struggling to break into the makeup industry and had difficulties finding a supportive community. It felt like I was constantly fighting to keep up with the latest trends and techniques, while also trying to grow my business.


That’s when I decided to elevate my education and invested in branding and later earning my instructor license. I understood that hands-on training and real-world experience were crucial for success in this industry.


I know that having top-tier makeup skills, being part of an empowering community, and receiving elite coaching can elevate your career and business to dominate the luxury market. I understand this challenge very well, and I pledge to help you transform your passion for makeup into a lucrative career, do it effortlessly, and succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Jenny Torry

Discover the secrets

from my personal journey that have helped my fellow makeup artists, beauty enthusiasts, and women create breathtaking, high-demand bridal makeup looks in less than 60 days.

Empower through education

JTorry Makeup Academy empowers individuals with education and practical experience, preparing them for successful careers in the beauty industry.

“The VALUE that the program and Jenny bring is beyond words. If you are thinking of advancing your career THIS IS THE PROGRAM YOU NEED TO BE IN! Best career decision I have ever made.”

Vidhi P. , Professional Bridal Makeup & Hair Artist

My Work

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bridal hair styling

Jenny's expertise extends to bridal hair styling, where she crafts exquisite looks that capture the essence of each bride's vision. Her talent lies in not only creating stunning hairstyles but also in understanding the unique desires and dreams of every bride, ensuring their wedding day is as magical as they've always imagined.

Makeup Artistry

Jenny perfected her signature artistry, winning the hearts of thousands of women in the process. She shares this gift, understanding what women truly want, ensuring every client leaves feeling understood and beautiful.

luxury experience

Jenny excels in delivering a luxury, bespoke experience that is unmatched. Clients and brides become ambassadors, enthusiastically sharing their exceptional experiences and recommending her services to others. Her formula exceeds expectations, creating unforgettable moments that inspire loyalty and praise.
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Yes, JTorry Makeup Academy offers advanced courses tailored for experienced makeup artists, including those who have been in the bridal makeup industry for over 10 years. These courses focus on refining skills, expanding service offerings, and achieving career breakthroughs.

JTorry Makeup Academy collaborates closely with resorts to customize training that aligns with their brand ethos and service standards. This partnership includes ongoing support, consulting on beauty service integration, and enhancing overall guest satisfaction.

Yes, JTorry Makeup Academy offers scalable training solutions for large resort teams, including on-site workshops and online modules. This flexibility ensures all staff members, from spa professionals to concierge teams, receive comprehensive training to deliver exceptional client experiences.

JTorry Makeup Academy offers flexible learning options to accommodate diverse schedules and learning preferences. Whether attending in-person workshops or accessing online resources, students can tailor their education to fit their needs and career goals.

Beyond coursework, JTorry Makeup Academy fosters a supportive community. Students benefit from networking opportunities, mentorship, and access to resources that help them succeed in competitive markets.