Student testimonials

“I’m so thankful for you and your program and for being able to be a part of it because there is no other “makeup school” or anything that provides anything that I always wish that we makeup artists had. Because we always had to figure it out ourselves! Before the program, I was afraid to raise my prices, within a month in the program and working with Jenny I was able to book a 8K figure bridal package.”

– Misha N. –

“My website is looking so beautiful Jenn, I am so thankful for the hard work you and your team is putting on this, also I am grateful for the improvement on my makeup skills, you opened my eyes to a new and better view.
Now I can see my mistakes and also do better every time I apply my new knowledge on a model.
I can’t be more thankful for finding you and signed up to your program. 10000% recommended”

– Wendy C. –

“The best word that I can describe my experience with the Elite Bridal Academy is WOW! I was stuck trying to figure out how I can take my makeup artist business to the next level, and Jenny knew exactly what I needed to work on in my business and in my skill set to get me to the next level.”

– Ahshia C. –

“The VALUE that the program and Jenny bring is beyond words. If you are thinking of advancing your career, THIS IS THE PROGRAM YOU NEED TO BE IN! Best career decision I have ever made.”

– Vidhi P. –

“I can’t imagine my dreams are coming true to finally work In my dream job! Her education is beyond what others cannot give. Her hard work shows it in her courses I really recommend a trustworthy and honest coach, mentor, and teacher.”

– Lucero C. –

“I took another makeup class online before but Jenny exceeds ALL MY expectations offering professional and ethical coaching & program every single time.”

– Patricia H. –

“I am so glad I decided to jump on this online academy with JTorry. I never thought it would be possible to provide education about makeup via the online platform. The online academy was super easy to follow, organized, and it was straight to the point. Jenny takes you from putting your MU Kit together to product recommendations to showing technique and application to create a glamorous look that will make your client feel like a million bucks! Through this experience, I have seen how much hard work and effort Jenny and her team have put in to give the BEST education there is without holding back truly. I can see her heart, passion, and authenticity when encouraging and teaching makeup fanatics like me to become a certified #JTorryMUArtist!”

“JTorry Makeup Academy taught me essential skills to complete bridal/special occasion makeup. I get so many compliments on my work and my own makeup now. She takes her time and really helps anyone struggling, which makes her an excellent teacher. I had such a positive experience from this class that I also signed up for her hair course. If you’re looking for a place to learn how to do makeup, this is it!”

“I struggled a lot with feeling confident while applying makeup on others. I always felt nervous and now I feel so much more comfortable when I get the chance to do someone’s makeup I also didn’t know it at the time, but I struggled with contouring correctly on different face shapes and now I can know how to contour properly. Ultimately I can say that I honestly do feel like a “professional” makeup artist. I obviously still have a lot more to learn and build, but I can clearly see the difference now when it comes to doing other people’s makeup. I love that I can refer back to what I’ve learned in the course to continue to grow and stand out from other artists.

“I absolutely loved the course! It helped me in learning all of the makeup theories. What I loved best about it is that it covers a wide range of topics and is separated into sections, from your beauty kit to how to get a flawless makeup look. I 100 % highly recommend this course. Taking this course will teach you how to achieve the perfect makeup look.

“She’s the best teacher and best makeup artist. I joined her academy as a beginner. She knew my weakness and helped overcome my fears. Thank you Jenny for making me the artist I am today. “

“I was very sceptical and nervous about taking a course but I followed my guts and enrolled in the Academy because I wanted to follow my passion and was ready to learn. Before the course, I lacked confidence, I didn’t know which brushes to use which color goes with which and I didn’t know how to match foundation shades. I didn’t know how to put lashes and even I didn’t even know the blending techniques properly. And now, oh boy now I know everything and I was surprised when I did the makeup look on the same person after the class it was completely different I am able to provide flawless makeup, blend the shadows and match the shades perfectly. Most Importantly, I am confident in myself and my passion. I am also confident in booking clients and giving them what they want. I recommend everyone to follow their passion and make Jenny as there mentor she will completely change you as a person and also your career to the next level. If you have passion then join the academy you will get the best out of the best outcome. 10/10.

Testimonial Student

“Before the academy, I struggle with blending the contour and creating eye looks with various eyeshadow colors and the course covered this and a lot more!

Jenny was there every second to guide us. This course certainly transformed me into a confident makeup artist.

Jenny never made us feel like we didn’t know how to do certain things while doing makeup instead she helped us and brought confidence into us, which I really love! “

“I had a huge passion for makeup and I’d never imagined how much I would love doing makeup on others until this experience. It enabled me to become more confident putting makeup on others and giving them a look that they loved! I loved that Jenny structured the course to really teach the WHY behind every step, as well as the HOW. She recommended the best products and techniques and truly went above and beyond to explain, critique, and answer any and all questions. The academy fostered an environment where experienced and non-experienced students had the freedom to fail and make mistakes.”

“Jenny is awesome! She really helped me to learn makeup glam look in detail. She sincerely invested her time in us and helped us learn first-hand. I have learned so much in this course!

“I am a big fan of Jenny’s work and have been following her work on social media for a couple of years now. Getting a chance to sit in her class, and learn some of her techniques has been a great experience. Jenny is very patient and humble, and there is so much to learn from her! She has shown us great makeup techniques and taught us the basics for a startup. My mom & I both had a lot of fun in her class!”

“She is the best teacher and best makeup artist. I joined her academy as a beginner. She knew my weakness and helped me overcome my fears. Thank you Jenny for make me the artist I’m today”

“Jenny is such a great teacher, I’ve learned so much from taking her classes. Love her technique and style, glad to have a mentor like her!

“Enrolling on JTorry Makeup Academy was by far best decision I made. Jenny and her staff are the most helpful ever. I finished the course feeling confident and ready to put everything I learned to work.”

“Really enjoyed taking the course. Jenny is an amazing teacher and above all a great human being! She taught a lot of different eye makeup techniques and taught how to color correct on different skin tones. I was always afraid to use darker shades on the eyes but she helped me overcome my fears. If you’re looking to learn and elevate your skills then I recommend you take classes at JTorry Makeup Academy! You won’t regret it!! ”

“I consider myself lucky to have been a part of the JTorry Makeup Academy. It was one of my dreams to become a professional makeup expert, which got fulfilled by the help of Jenny. When I met her for the first time she was very welcoming and humble. She invited me to her studio, which is amazing and so organized. I can tell she is passionate about her work and she pays attention to every detail. She took the time to understand my ambitions and goals.I attended her Certified professional makeup Course, and she also provided me with a best makeup kit to kick start my career. She taught me all her tricks and techniques with a brief explanation of product usage to create a flawless look on my future clients. Also, she instructed me on practical makeup application on different skin types and complexions. She was always there to help me and show me the correct methods and just not those guys she also trained me in client relationships and taught me business etiquette. She gives a mentorship program with her and her team after the classes. I really enjoyed this experience with Jenny and I would recommend her class to anyone who aspires to become a professional makeup artist”.

“I had an incredible time being a student at JTorry Makeup Academy! To learn from such a renowned artist has been such a blessing. I learned a variety of makeup techniques that have bettered me as a makeup artist. The practice which I received was immensely helpful in bettering me as an artist. Jenny herself is such a kind, compassionate teacher. I truly believe such teachers are the best kind of teachers! She was so patient and her feedback truly impacted my learning. Her internship program is great for those who want to really want to get a sense of the field! All in all, I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to become certified! You will not regret it!”

“I had the pleasure of being able to take to one on one classes with Jenny. In both classes she meticulously took her time to teach me from start to finish what I would need to do to create a flawless bride. Not only did she teach me her techniques she opened up about her career, and mentored me. As a beginner makeup artist, I knew there were not many people willing to teach. However Jenny did not hesitate. She helped me perfect my craft snd give my the confidence to create flawless brides. I learned more than just make up in those classes I learned how to run my own business with confidence and what the proper sanitation, work ethic, communication and skills were to grow. Jenny is amazing, I would highly recommend learning from her. The way she teaches is with honesty and patience! No secrets, and starting from the ground up. Thanks to her I’ve now been in the industry as a make up artist and hairstylist for the last nine years! I owe a lot to her for teaching me and helping me get where I am today.”

“If you adore make-up and want to pursue a career in the field, or if you want to learn it for your own-self, I would strongly encourage going to Jtorry Makeup Academy. The knowledge I gained in just 8 days, is absolutely amazing. I learned so much through Jenny especially about different skin tones and how to chose the right kind of foundation for each one. Jenny and her staff was so personable and always prompted in responding to any questions I’ve had. One of the best choices I’ve made for my career for sure. And got to meet some amazing people. I would definitely recommend this academy to anyone who is wanting an in-depth, hands-on, learning experience with a friendly, inclusive and professional environment.”

“JTorry makeup academy has made me feel confident in all my makeup skills. I am so glad I choose her as my mentor thanks to her amazing help, and the kindness that she shows to each of her students makes us feel comfortable. Jenny is very lovely and she cares a lot about each of her students, the environment makes you feel really comfortable I would really recommend this Makeup program.

“Signing up for the JTorry Makeup Academy was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, it’s helped me so much in my career! She goes through all the ins and out of make-up and even the business side of the industry! Jenny is truly amazing and she pays so much attention to each of her students. I 1000% recommend this class!