JTorry Makeup Academy

Online Experience - Policy and Procedure

The Online Experience is a self-paced online course, which you can take from the comfort of your home. You can go through it as quickly as you want or slowly but surely, whenever it’s convenient for you.

Immediate Access

You will get immediately access to the Introduction and Kit Supplies list. 

Student Online Portal

Log on to the online portal and get access to the Video Masterclass and downloadable PDF Worksheets

Assignments and Practicals

You will be required to accomplish theoretical assignments and practical exams in order to finish the course.

Monthly Meeting

A monthly meeting will be scheduled to provide feedback on your work by JTorry Makeup Academy’s team of professional beauty instructors.

Review, Analyze, and Perfect Your Skills

You will get immediate full access to on-demand video training sessions so you have unlimited opportunities to review, analyze, and perfect your makeup skills and techniques.

Complete the Course & Receive Your Certification

Once you have accomplished everything that the course requires, you will be awarded a Professional Makeup Artistry Certificate. Print your certificate to commemorate your achievement!

Outlook: Finishing the Course

Once you have mastered the proven techniques in beauty artistry through the Online Course, you will have the choice to continue your career as a professional makeup artist or start your own business in the beauty industry. We encourage our graduates to continue keeping in touch with the Academy so we will know how you are doing. You will also have the privilege to get access to a private community of fellow students for support and inspiration.