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Learn the secret sauce for landing your ideal client without the hassle and live your passion

Gain full clarity on your values, learn how to book your next ideal client, and generate revenue, without the stress.

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The exact roadmap on how I started charging from the bottom and now exceeding my goals (and helped others implement too!)



The number one thing holding you back from charging your worth, and have brides book you and how you can implement it today



The system I use to have clients that keeps me in demand, that no one is talking about 

Meet Your Host:


Over the past 13 years, you’ve seen how I transformed clients into their most beautiful elegant brides, and you’re curious if this could be a viable path for you.

Freedom of finance, feeling fulfilled, making an income that allows you to live the life of your dream ……….

Something you thought a few years ago was nothing but a facade, you’re now realizing is a viable career in an economy that is exploding – and after sitting on the sidelines for long enough, you’re ready to step in and make this dream a reality.

You may have even tried picking up a brush or two and tried to do your friend’s makeup (or have been continuously trying for a while), without anything substantial to show for your effort…

You’re sick of struggling to make meaningful progress and you’re ready to roll your sleeves up, learn the right way with the right foundation and start making it happen.


You’re going to learn the exact steps to grow and become a sought-after makeup artist with Industry-Leading Professional Bridal Makeup Artist, Jenny Torry.

With over a decade of experience in the Bridal Beauty Industry and as one of the top sought Luxury Makeup artists, Jenny knows exactly what it takes to start from the bottom and shift the mindset to a Luxury sought Makeup Artist and turn into a dream that you will not have to wake up from. 

If You're Finally Ready To Stop Watching Everyone Else Succeed It’s your time to Claim It For Yourself -

We’re sharing THE exact tips and strategies that we’ve used in this
Lux Makeup Artist Mindset Masterclass for the first time. 

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