Hair Styling Master Course Terms And Conditions


Please make arrangements to bring a model on day 2 of the course. 

Upon completion of Master Bridal Hairstyling Master Course:

The student will receive a Certification of completion. 

Terms and Conditions:

Students must be 18 years or older and must present their ID’s 
Classes are MANDATORY, meaning we require your attendance at all 2-day classes.
Students are responsible for their own transportation
Students are responsible for their own models. Students have to notify the instructor in advance if they can’t find a model so an arrangement can be possibly made. 
Students are encouraged to take photos during the course; however, video recordings are strictly prohibited during instruction.

We have the right to cancel a course, whereby a full refund will be given.

Any tuition payments or JTorry Makeup Kit fees are non-refundable. 

Model Rules: Models cannot be in the beauty industry. 

Non- Disclosure Clause:

I understand that I may come in contact with confidential information during my time at JTorry LLC / JTorry Academy.  As part of my condition, I hereby undertake to keep in strict confidence any information regarding any client, employee or business of JTorry LLC / JTorry Academy, I will do this in accordance with JTorry LLC / JTorry Academy, privacy policy and applicable laws.  

I acknowledge and agree (a) that all intellectual property and any other plans, specifications, designs and other documents and materials created or related to the services to be provided hereunder and any information, work in progress, trade secrets or other secret or confidential matter related to the business or projects of JTorry Studio/ JTorry Makeup and Hair Artistry / JTorry Academy constitute confidential information (“Confidential Information”), and (b) shall not use, copy or disclose to any person, firm or corporation any such Confidential Information, unless such use, copying or disclosure is necessary to accomplish my duties hereunder and has been authorized in writing by JTorry LLC / JTorry Academy.

I agree that all copyrightable material, websites, and social media profiles and URL’s, including writings, software, drawings and designs, and all ideas, inventions, improvements, developments and discoveries made, conceived or reduced to practice by me, whether individually or in collaboration with others, during the course of performance under this Agreement, which relate in any manner to the JTorry LLC / JTorry Academy ‘s business or to the services provided hereunder, are the sole property of JTorry Studio/ JTorry Makeup and Hair Artistry/ JTorry Academy; and the Contractor hereby assigns to the JJTorry LLC / JTorry Academy all right, title and interest in and to all such intellectual property, including without limitation any worldwide copyrights, moral rights, patents and any and all other such rights of whatever kind, and the right to obtain registrations, renewals, reissues and extensions of the same. I agree to execute such further documents and do such further acts as may be necessary to perfect the foregoing assignments and to protect the JTorry LLC / JTorry Academy’s rights.