JTorry Makeup, You're In!


Dear Students,

Congratulations! On behalf of myself and the entire JTorry Makeup Academy, I am pleased to announce your admission into JTorry Makeup Academy, the world’s FIRST and most prestigious online Makeup Academy exclusively for Aspiring Makeup Artists and Beauty Pros!

Since 2018, JTorry Makeup Academy has been committed to our mission of empowering aspiring makeup artists to turn the VISION they have for their dream careers into ACTION. Confidence, creativity, intelligence, integrity, and ambition are all at the core of JTorry Makeup Academy. You can be proud to have joined a select group of aspiring artists who start their journey and be able to live their passion as a professional makeup artist. Want to grow and want to live their dream and journey!

As a new member, you are about to embark on a journey that will transform your confidence and your life! Inside, you’ll have lifetime access to all the strategies, resources, coaching, and support you need to have the best year in your beauty business yet!

You will receive an important email with your next actions to finalize your enrollment in just a few moments. If you do not receive that message, please check your spam folder (or your “Promotions” or “Social” tabs if you have Gmail), then email support@jtorrymakeupacademy.com if you do not find it.

Your Beauty Instructor + Mentor,

Jenny Torry
Owner & Beauty Instructor
JTorry Makeup Academy