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 JTorry Makeup Academy program

Bridal Hair Styling Course

Bridal & Special Occasion Hair Styling Course

This one of a kind two-day Bridal and Special Occasion Hair Styling course will be a game changer to your career as a Professional Artist. Learning how to complete the client’s look is essential for your career in the beauty industry. You will have the opportunity to be trained by me as the owner of JTorry Makeup and Hair Artistry. I will not only teach you my skills and techniques, but I will also teach you 6 different hairstyles step by step ranging from all down voluminous curls to retro glam waves and other hairstyles that are THE MOST REQUESTED!

Essentially, this course covers the fun, creative and beautiful styles that I love. Plus, questions, guidance and advice throughout. Whether you’re a Professional makeup artist or a seasoned hairstylist, once you complete this course you will leave feeling CONFIDENT and INSPIRED to easily create stunning bridal and special occasion hairstyles quickly and securely.

Two Day Course – 6 Hours Each Day

Two Day Course – 6  Hours Each day –


Day 1 – Student will work on Mannequin, Day 2 Student will bring a model

  • Go over Necessary Hair products and Tools 

  • Learn how to properly section and curl hair

  • Learn how to Properly Tease Hair 

  • Learn how to create voluminous curls that last all day 

  • Learn how to style & frame bangs to clients preference

  • Learn how to properly part the clients bangs to clients satisfaction

  • Learn how to clip in hair extensions 

  • Style 1: All Down 

  • Style 2: Half up Half Down

  • Style 3: Hair side down 

Day 2. Learn the rest of the popular hairstyles:

  • Style 4: Retro Glam Waves 

  • Style 5: High (clean or Messy)

  • Style 6: Low do (clean or Messy)

  • Style 7: Side Do (clean or Messy)



BONUS: Proper Dupatta & TIkka setting and how to properly balance the hair style with stuffing to support and eliminate any tugging and pain no matter the hair style.

BONUS:   How to create hair stuffing.



Day classes 2 days 6 hours each

Evening class 3 days: 4 hours 

Clarification on the dates once you are interested. 


Day classes 2 days 6 hours each

Evening class 3 days 4 hours Each 




Clarification on the dates once you are interested. Final outline will be set at that time as well. 

Upon completion of the hair course: Student will receive Certificate of Completion

This is just a peek of the amount of skills you will learn when choosing our program. I offer more than just hair education. You will come to learn the latest styles, inject creativity into your work or take your business up a notch. But you leave feeling assured, excellent and with the tools you need to grow your business in every way.

Please let me know if you are interested in learning more or would like to enroll today! I look forward to helping you to be able to complete the entire look for your clients successful.