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Terms & Agreements 

Conversion Action: Online Purchase with processed Valid Payment 
Commission Type: Percent of Sale 
Base Commission 10 % 

Our Affiliate Program is an earnings program that allows you to earn 10% commission on sales made using your customized Affiliate Link. It is the duty of the Affiliate to advertise their personalized link.

To become an Affiliate of the Company’s Program, Affiliate must first be approved by the Company. Affiliates will receive 10% of all purchases earned through their affiliate link. At the Company’s discretion, affiliates will be paid on the 15th of each month or the next eligible business day. The firm may withhold Affiliate’s final payment of Commission Fees for a reasonable period of time to ensure that all qualifying purchases are authentic and payments from Referred customers are legitimate, as decided only by Company. The affiliate must check to see if their unique link is still functioning on their different websites and social media platforms. At any moment, any Affiliate Program may be modified or discontinued.

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