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“She is the best teacher and best makeup artist. I joined her academy as a beginner . She knew my weakness and helped me overcome my fears. Thank you Jenny for making me the artist I’m today.”

Lena Capps Jtorry Alumni

Lena Capps

“Before the academy I struggle with blending the contour and creating eye looks with various eye shadow colors and the course covered this and a lot more in just 8 days! Jenny were there every second to guide us. This course certainly transformed me into a confident makeup artist. jenny never made us feel like we didn’t know how to do certain things while doing makeup instead she helped us and brought confidence into us, which I really love.”

Testimonial Student

Komal R.

“I only used to do makeup on myself and for family and friends and I didn’t have much confidence but after learning the new techniques and tricks I am confidence to do make up on other people too I am glad that I choosed her. while talking about Jenny she is very sweet, calm and full of positivity and top of all she is very friendly and it felt like I am in home while I was learning from her. Thank you Jenny for everything.”

Showing certificate

Anushuya Tripathee

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