8 Day –  Professional Makeup Certification Program (32 hours) 

Congratulations on taking your first steps towards your future as a Certified Professional Makeup Artist, and becoming JTorry Makeup Certified at that!

The JTorry Makeup Academy is a professional beauty institute dedicated to helping students make their dreams of becoming a Professional Makeup Artist a REALITY. This institution is perfect for looking to get their career as a professional makeup artist started.

The comprehensive program will help develop and advance students’ skills as a makeup artist and sets the foundation for the essential skills you will need in this beauty industry. 

This detailed program combines theory, live demonstrations, and hands-on training of the latest beauty trends. Students will learn the techniques that will allow them to advance their professional career further or begin their freelance makeup artistry careers.

This is a MANDATORY 8-day course that consists of 2 hours of lectures and learning techniques and 2 hours of practice time for each day. The practice time on a live model will depend on the availability of student’s models. There will be homework assigned to students, which is required to be completed to help contribute to the student’s skill development. 


Please make arrangements to bring a model on days 5, 6, 7 and the day of your exam

(Different models with various skin tones if possible for each day)  doing so will ensure you practice and are confident to work all different skin tones/types as possible.  

Upon completion of Pro Makeup Course:

The student will receive a Professional Makeup Certification and be officially “JTorry Makeup Certified”.